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Full text of "Supplemental Plan for Reclamation Works for Island Reclamation District No. 2062"

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The duly elected, qualified encl acting Board of trustees of 
island Reclamation District Ho. 2062, respectfully reports: 

That at a duly and regularly held meeting of said Board of 
Trustees on the 21st day of February, 1923 , at which all the trustees 
of said reclamation district were present anc* voting, said Board of 
Trustees adopted a supplemental plan for works of reclamation for 
oald reclamation district in addition to works of reclamation already 
reported unfler the original plan ac companied by specifications e.n& 
estimates filed with the county Clerk of the County of San Joaquin, 
State of California, on the 16th fey of September , 1922, and there- 
after appro** d by said Reclamation Board && the 9th day of November, 

That said supplemental plan so adopted, toother with 
specifications and estimates of the cost of the reclamation works 
contemplated thereby, including incidental expenses, maintenance and 
repair necessary for the reels), mat ion of the lands of the district 
in pursuance of such supplemental plan is that contained in the 
report of f« c. Herrmann, consulting civil engineer, hereto attached, 
marked Bxhibit "A ff , and by reference thereto madr a part hereof. 


That in addition to the foregoing said Board of Trustees reports 
that under the original plan adopted by said Board an assessment 
in the sura of Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ((250 ,000. 00) has 
been levied on the lands within said reclamation district, and the 
assessment list therefor is on file in the office of the county 
Treasurer of the County of San Joaquin, State of California; that 
said amount for which said assessment was so levied is hereby deducted 
from the aggregate estimate mentioned in said Exhibit f, A" leaving the 
sum of One hundred Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($ } 10Q, 000.00) as 
a balance required for the completion of such reclamation works; and 
that the 3oard of Trustees of said reclamation district hereby 
estimates the cpst of the reclamation works contemplated by the 
supplemental plan so adopted by said Board and hereinbefore mentioned, 
at the sura of One Hundred Thousartf and OO/lOO Dollars (£l00,000 # 00) . 

Dated this 21st day of February, 1923. 


Island Reclamation district JTo. 2062 

card of trustees of 

Prositf en' 
said Reclamation District. 

Secretary or BSKFa OS 
said Reclamation District. 

59 ':v 




San Francisco, California 

February the Tenth 
19 2 3 

Kr. A # 0. Stewart, President, 

Island Reclamation District Ho. 2062, 

Ilolbroolc Buildinct 

San Francisco, California. 


Dear Sir : • 

Z beg to submit herewith a report on the drainage and 
irrigation of ISLA2© KK0LAMA2I0H D1OTM01 NO. 2062 which la 
essential in addition to constitution of the levees of this District 
vfoioh has recently been couple ted, 

The original roport with plans, dated lilaroh 30th f 1922, 
was mode for the purpose of cons tract ing levoos around that portion 
of Hancho 21 Poscadero bounded by the San Joaquin Kiver, Old Kiver, 
Salmon Slough, Paradise Out and the Southern "Pacific Ttailvmy embank- 
ment, as a private reclamation project* 

Permit was granted to proceed with t Dtl work by the 
State Reclamation Board on April £5th, 1S22. The construction of the 
levees uas begun in July t 1922* Subsequently and with the levee work: 
well under miy, the area described above was formed into the "XSLABD 
BlBUKATlorr BS&HttOV RO. 2062", and upon the proper proooduro f based 
upon the original report, permit was Granted KS&Affi) T;KOLAMAff.!OIT DX89BX0C 
110. 2062 to perform this identical vorlc by the State Reclamation Board 
on November 9th, 1922, and it was carried on and recently completed 
under this penait. 

St* approxinate eotinate included in the original 

report is as follow) i 

l,£6£ v 00 tfubio Tarda O 12£ $150,000 

louring 180 ;>orto Q §100 1(3 f 000 

Incidentals and r.n&Lnoorino 88$ 48.000 

sotni ^ao f ooo 

rhia estimate did not include an amount for right 
of vnny for the l<*roe ub none was needed undor private rooliosatlon* 
nor did it include an itoa for drainaco and irrigation ao no 
accurate topographic survey «M available and the pro pur and 
economic ttae to saaJee such a survey is after tfto reclaimed land is 
cleared of t lobar and brush* Mile clearing is now under \my. 

She estiraato in the application of XSUtlD FiflOX*AXtt!?XQi 
DZ SRIQf BO* 2062 to the Btatt Healatautiou Board added an i ton of 
#40,000 for levee rights of my to tho ostliaute given in tho original 

Tho portal t granted by the s t*.te Uoolanation Hoard to 
UN A* 0# Stmort, an& that to EJUS) FBOlUttBlVIW IMKORJG? BO* £062, 
both contain tho oondltlon ttftft tho l-eolara&tion Board has tho ri^ht 
to oondeon a strip of land 1700 foot xride along Paradise Out should 
future flood control plans th* use of tlas land as a by-paos 
aroa f and tho further condition that this strip bo cleared of timber 
and brush and bo isopt oloarod* 

ffeithor tho VtaM I'.eolnntlon Hoard nor the California 
Debris Ooataloeion has adopted a flood control plan for the wan Joaquin 
Hiver* tfhoy havo had this setter under consideration for rannp years 
and have considered ooveral tentative plana. One of these provides 


tor % by-poos throujjjh ISUXD 0L ;.* PXrOTtZOC TfO* C062 a* well 
as the other rooltuaatlon district* lying bottroon it and the month 
or the San *roa<pjin River to bo used as an a&xiliary to the present 
Paradise Out In ease of oxtroiae floods, recent estimates of tho 
oo st of the upper part of ttto proposed by-pass ara oo high that 
the Beelnimtion 3oard did not adopt It as a pro J eat and Is now invest- 
igating another route whish provisos to be very ?mch cheaper* 2hia 
does not propose to utilise the 1700-foot strip above mussed nor does 
it pass throutfi E8&0B T 'SLMt*v 30# 20aa* 

belief of the an Joa<|uln Fiver for extreme floods by oeaas 
of a by-pass located srooitiere in the upper $an .loaouin is essential 
to all the redaction districts adjacent to this river • 

Xat/JD nyBUiltaiVB PI 1 30* 8068 envoys protection at 

least equal to that of the others alon# the wppor $im voaquin Itiver 
although as stated In the origin*.! r-e:x>rt the levees will roolaia 
"against floods in the San Joaquin 5 iver not in excess of about 60,000 
second feet* It is estloatea that this ^?ill include nearly all of the 
suxsner floods and a lar*;e najority of the -idnter floods. " 

Secont surveys shfc* that there are SSKO ooros of land within 
the levees of 3) MM W>« £062 including 7fl6 acres 

in tho 1700-foot atrip, the burden for clearing which hive been put 
upon IfttAffD IBWWtAfclOJ! T. 109 HO* 8048 by the ntate Reoftimation 
Board. This lend will be dedicated to intensive fuming- so that, once 
cleared, the annual cost of ftoepinc it cleared will be very little. 


?h9 oonotruoti&n of tho lovooo h&o boon aomplntod In 
aooord&nso with plana and »^iioirioatloiui and it io now deolrufclt 
to provido for ol&trine tho 706 aoroo and for drainage and 
irrigation, lending dfttnllod topoftniphio otinroy, thore is pro&onted 
horowlth u plan for driving -.n b&aod upon the t •' »G« • smrvoya and am 
approxicuita edtl&ito Of ito aoat hao i>wm ande* An *»utia&to h&a nloo 
fcoon rao£o to provido an irrigation oupply* 

9h* draina o B&Btt provi&oa for n ooopa.0 ditoh alone tho 
too of tho ontlro Ictoo, to bo built with on Austin Ditohlng HaOhiM, 
or oirail&r implcw^mt, & aaln dmltm^o canal alone tho #onoral oj&o 
of tho district . ith br&nah ditohaa at oooenti&l plttaeft, and & puaping 
plant loa&t^d Just inoldo tho Junior L«nrM along ^arodloo Out nnd about 
16 t G00 foot northum* of tha Bmftbftm noiflo TvUil\my» t'ho parpooo of 
thift oyatoa io to our© for ooopati* w&tor along tho Iwoen &&£ ron-off 
water originating ithin tho diotriot* t'raatiaally w data &» to ooep~ 
mse or run-off in this rogion ore avail*, bio • In tho Bomim&te Valloy 
where data are available it is euetonary $o provide pnnping onpaolty 
enfflolaiit to euro for run-off tvt tha ruto of thrae~olehtha Inohoa por 
day f*oa tho tributary eatohvmt area* <*ep»#e fro** lovooo in taken 
at 1000 to 6000 sallow* por saircito por mile of exposed lovoo. £ho 
rainffell in tho neiaht>orhaod of fttOBp io n*>ont ©no-third of **h&t it to 
tn tho ttuort^nonto V&lloy* and while short sharp ntorm are probably 
of eqnal intensity in both pla-iea, these near Wasp aro not noarly oo 


well sustained* tonw of ***enty~fGttr hours dtmition at ?r&yy are 
probably rauoh less intense than t ose of oiraHar duration in tho 
norwaonto Vail ay* "here is llttlo avid 130 of tmrfaoo run-off on 
tho lands about Tracy, and testirwny of old inhabitants confirm 
tho belief that run^off on tho low lands nour Wlni| io very nuoh 
loon than in tho ttaoranoafto Valley* 

It it thought pmdont to provide a present ptftiping onp&oity for 
dralnrw-e sufficient to dire for levee seepage at she rate of 1000 
gallons ;x>r nlnuto per nilo. and ran-off at the rate of 3/16 inches 
in depth of tributary oatohnent area, xperioneo in wot years will 
ahow whether thia lnutr.llr%tion will anffioa, and should increase in 
capacity bo found Justified, provision can ba Bade for saiao at a 
later date nhen the required capacity can bo determined with »oami 
degree of certainty* 

?he aain drainage ountul will ba five foot deep and it feeding 
branches four feet deep* 

Utilising the regulation duo to available stttfl&Ct In drainage 
Canals, it ia estimated, that the present tmping plant should have 
a Capacity of 27,000 gallons i?er winnto. ?to r*a»pa will ba of the 
vortical type, electrically driven imA automatically operated* They 
will diooharse throu«fr a 36~lneh pipe ever the Junior Z*ve* with 
water seal at tho dieohur^ oad to utilise she elption affect xfaon 
the outside water la not in estrone flood* 

ffMQflKMB i 

She dletriot la divided Into four tenant holding, the lar^ect 
of «hioh is alxtoen hundrod aoroe# f :he terao of the l**\n»>5 provide 
that the tenant* shall oonatruot the neoeeeary enable and operate the 
irrigation purapa provided by the NfttMi 

Xt io planned to provide throe 14" oantrlftoflal puape oaoh having 
a eapaolty of 10 seoond foot, and one 18* eentrlfUgal pimp having a 
oapaaity of 20 aeeond f*ot# rhe ocrobinod oapaalty will be 100 aore feet 
per day, or auffiolent ?*xtor to give the 3940 aoree a aix-inih irrigation 
ev«wpy twpnty days if noee»3*vry« 

rheae four puope *rlll be looatnd aa follow i 

%$ On Ban Joaquin Rivet $tat north of the crooning of the 

Southern -aoiflo nailroftfU 

2« On old Ivor, 2000 foot below the plaae tihore it leaves 
the faaln nn Joaquin I Ivor. 

3. n >3d -Ivor, 6000 foot upatroaa fron the heod of 
iddle | iver* 

4. on tho borrow Pit of the Junior Levee about 7B00 feet 
north of tho Southern nelfio BailTOiy right ~of-wny«» 

?he punpe on tho river trill be plaoed on the river ^ank well 
within the roaoh of ©notion lift at lo* wnter period, ttioy will he 
belt-driven, the raster being plaeod on MM river eide of the levoo near 
its eraot. £he pnnpe will ftMuOWt throng 36-inoh pipes onrriod over 
the lev*e in euah a '*iy as to be hurled at the oreet euf flelent to *;void 
daaage tmm truffle on the top of the loveo* 

£he puwp in the borrow pit of the Junior Levee vill lift the 
tmter into oulvorte now bull* through the Junior T^vee >vhenoe it will 
flow by gravity in esietlns channel© • 

Following lfl a oiuami? oororing the aottml coat of the 
leveos just ooraplotad, and ^n appro xi m&te estimate for drainage and 
irrigation on ta« basis of power being transmitted to the variooa 
pushing stations at the expense of the Power oorip&nyj- 

Aatnal Oost of Letroes paid to Uentrootore, $ 131 f 101 .98 

▲otnal Oost of Barveye and Zno^oOtion, 4,006.06 

Sight of v;ay for L*rees» 9 40,000.00 

Hstlaate of clearing 788 Aerss «£ 180 6tf t 040.00 

Drainage Oanal f l£0,0t cubic yaids & 16^ 18 f GO0.0G 

Seepage Dlteh, 13-7/10 Mies • $780 9 f 664.0C 

Clearing for eeepage DiiOh 18 f 100*00 

Urain^e Caaiil light of tiftft •• Aeras G #800 19,600*00 

Funding stations for Dminage 13 f 000.00 

Irrigation Pumping stations I0 f 000*00 

ttagliiaeilng, Lagal and Inoldantala „ Z6~3GBmQQ 

?otnl f,SS0 f 000.00 

Attaehed hereto are soaps and plana showing proliuinksy 

looation of drainage oanal0 f and location and type of puiaplng plants, 

as folio us % 

tfathibit B •■ Ifap Showing 'Looation of Urainage Dltehas and drainage 
and Irrigation Fampa* 

exhibit - "Ian of aral-age Faragdng Plant. 

Hxhibit JJ - ffypioal "Ian of Irrigation Pomps. 

Hespeotfully Submitted, 



, l f